Our Moderators

Therapy Session

Abbey Morris


Eating Disorders, 17 and Under

Abbey is a registered Yoga & Meditation Instructor and Mindfulness Educator living in Niagara Ontario. Abbey's passion for supporting others and promoting a mindful lifestyle derives from the transformative healing potential she found through yoga & meditation while struggling with an eating disorder. She excels with supporting teens in finding a healthy way to engage in the world of social media.

Carol Brown


Dating, Love & Sex

Carol is running the Dating & Love & Sex session, Thursday at 7pm ET. Carol is a Holistic Health and Life Coach with a passion for sexuality and the human condition. 

Dedric Davidson



Dedric runs the OCD session Fridays at 6pm ET. Dedric is a Clinician at The OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center in Salt Lake City, Utah and does CBT, among much else with those suffering from OCD. 

Jonah Muskat-Brown


The Guy's Group

 Jonah runs his Men's Group session Sundays at 10am ET. Jonah is an educator, registered and licensed social worker and freelance author. He has done a lot of work empowering youth and adolescents. 

Kofi Ansu-Gyeabour


Accepting and Managing Powerful Emotions

Kofi is a social worker with a diverse range of experience in this field. For 15 years he's worked with individuals, caregivers, children, extended family members and collaborated with various agencies and service providers. Kofi will be running our second group on Anger Management Saturdays at 1pm ET.

Lauren Marsh


Eating Disorders

Lauren is a qualified Clinical Nutritional Therapist in Cape Town, South Africa. 

She graduated with a Masters in Nutritional Therapy from The College of Naturopathic medicine in Ireland. She furthered her studies via Red River College in Canada and further to that specialized in

Eating Disorder Treatment with modalities like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Talk Therapy, Dialectical

behaviour therapy and at times Family based Therapy.  She does this work, because she's been there. She remembers how it felt to be

consumed by an eating disorder. 

She loves what she does, it is purpose and she looks forward to helping you

Monja Brink


Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery

As someone with her own personal journey with addiction and mental health, with a passion for aiding others through a journey of healing, Monja  believes without a doubt that everyone deserves to belong and thrive.

Being a certified Social Support Worker and a Substance Use Disorder Counselor with International experience and extensive knowledge in the field, Monja offers sober support to others with their own struggles with addiction as well as their recovery process.

As a recovery mentor, she can aid individuals to reconnect to their inner self and receive peer support in a safe and non-judgemental space, from others who really understand and accept them for who they are

Saira Khan


Student Well-Being

Saira is a graduate of Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Health Studies from University of Toronto, and will be pursuing Master of Social Work. She has experience in crisis intervention, social support, as well as providing mentorship and peer support to university/high school students.


She will be running this group

Mondays 4-5pm ET

Willie Nicol


Anxiety & Stress and The Guy's Group

Willie gained a Law Degree from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, before having a career as a Police Officer for thirty one years, followed by nearly seven years in corporate security management. Drawing on that experience and the skills he had acquired, three years ago he set up his own business as a personal development and change coach. He is a certificated Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

He will be running Anxiety & Stress groups every other Tuesday Noon ET, 5pm UK Time. Willie's Men’s Group will meet every Tuesday at 2pm ET

Angini Mohammed


Accepting and Managing Powerful Emotions

Angini is a compassionate social worker with 10+ years experience as a counsellor, manager, trainer and facilitator. Angini has been providing strengths based, client centered, trauma informed counselling to clients and groups in a variety of settings. Angini also works with issues of masculinity, anger management, alcohol and substance use. Angini, as a person of colour originally from the Caribbean, is mindful of issues within the context of multiculturalism and diversity as well as stigmatization often faced by persons who identities are affected by race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, income level, religion and age.

Colleen Qvist



Colleen is a Credentialed Master Coach CMP. She has 30 years' experience of working in and with organizations and focusing on growing people and in turn organizations. She creates a space for people to be vulnerable and and to feel non-judged as they come to terms with change, connection, managing their stress, achieving BIG goals and finding the meaning in their lives. 

Hailey Goldberg


New Parents

Hailey is a Registered Social Worker who is passionate about mental health and working with others to help achieve wellness. She completed her Master’s in Social Work (MSW) at the University of Windsor and holds an Honours BA in Psychology from York University. 

Julie McLennan


Finding Your Fit- Surviving Neurodiversity in a Neurotypical World

Julie has worked in the field of mental health for 25 years and is registered with the Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists. She runs the session: Finding Your Fit - Surviving Neurodiversity in a Neurotypical World (for introverts, highly sensitive persons, and those late to a diagnosis of autism or adhd).Tuesdays 7pm ET

Latisha Kwabiah


Relationships & Healing and Recovery from Trauma

Latisha is a graduate from the Social Service Worker program at George Brown College and has her diploma in Early Childhood Education through Georgian College. She'll be running two groups, our second group on Relationships Mondays at 10am & our third group on Healing and Recovery from Trauma Sundays at 4pm ET. Latisha has an extensive background working with children, youth and adults that have experienced various levels of abuse, anger, and trauma. She has experience in counselling and crisis support within a trauma-informed, anti-racist and anti-oppressive framework. 

Martin Luciani


Peer Support for Immigrants & Refugees

Martin graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Psychology and he has a specialty in suicide prevention, crisis intervention and refugee mental health (with a focus on Mental health in male refugees). 

Pamela Green


Grief & Loss

Pamela is a Registered Psychotherapist, working in the mental health field in Private Practice. As an

experienced mental health professional, Pamela is passionate about helping clients to improve their

mental and emotional wellness. Her expertise includes working with victims of violence and trauma,

grief, chronic and acute illness, as well as those with anxiety and interpersonal challenges. Pamela

welcomes all to find support during perhaps one of the most difficult periods in a safe and

compassionate setting.

Stefanie Harder



Stefanie has been a peer support worker with the Schizophrenia Society for the past two years. She has spent more than twenty years in mental health environments including Canadian Mental Health Association and Potential Place in a variety of roles helping people cope with various issues such as depression, loneliness, relationships etc. She is dedicated to helping people get back on their feet and moving forward on their path to mental and emotional wellness. She presents as gentle and nonjudgmental and always brings a warm welcome.

Anne-Marie Clarkson


Support for First-Responders

Anne-Marie is an Advanced Practice Nurse specializing in Psychiatric Mental Health for over 16 years. As an experienced helping professional, she has a particular interest in providing support and care for first-responders and front-line health care workers as well as people experiencing occupational stress injury and PTSD.

Daphne Ballantine


Women's Group for Self-Love and Self-Esteem

Daphne is, first and foremost, a peer with lived experience in mental health and substance use. Daphne supports others as they implement a wellness-oriented life-style because she believes that everyone can achieve wellness. Daphne is currently an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS), and an Intentional Peer Support Organization (IPS) trainer. She is co-author of the nation’s first Integrated Forensic Peer Support Curriculum as well as the author of 365 Days of Peer Support: Sharing Hope Through Experience. 

Jaleesa Bygrave


Race and Well-Being

Jaleesa is a Social Worker who provides therapeutic services to Black, Indigenous and racialized children and youth experiencing different forms of racism which impact their ability to achieve optimal health outcomes. In addition, she operates a private counselling practice that provides individual support to persons affected by mental health, racism and ableism. 

Karen Robinson


Eating Disorders & Peer Support for Military

Karen is a licensed clinical social worker in the State of Virginia and has 22+ years of experience. Her expertise includes working with patients post suicide attempts, trauma survivors (combat and/or interpersonal trauma), and in cognitive behavioral as well as solution focused therapy.  Karen loves reading, personal development, spending time with her spouse Tony, and her three precious children (Lena, Grace, & Gideon). She runs an Eating Disorder Group Saturdays at 3pm ET.

Laura Moll


Living with Chronic Pain, Illness & Disability

 Laura created this session which is close to heart, as she has personal experience with it, “Living with Chronic Illness and Disability”. Laura is a Certified Social Worker and Grief Therapist with extensive knowledge and experience in research and counselling in the fields of aging, disability and rehabilitation. Laura is experienced in psychosocial/psychoeducational assessment, counselling, practicing as a group facilitator and experienced lecturer.

Matthew Ratz


Managing Bipolar to Live Your Best Life

Matthew is a mental health peer-support specialist, nonprofit leader, educator, and author living in the suburbs of Washington, DC. As a person with lived experience, Matthew uses his own story as a channel for others to heal through. Professionally, Matthew commits his time and energy to expand opportunities for professionals with mental illness in the DC Metro area and across the US. He’ll be running "Managing Bipolar to Live your Best Life" group Saturday at 11:30am ET

Sarah Bifield


Changing Your Thoughts and Mindset

Sarah is a Transformational Master Coach and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, she also holds a diploma with honours in Adult Psychology. She studied nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and was trained as a Health & Life Coach, to mastery level, at the Health Coach Institute (recognized by the International Coaching Federation).

No need for willpower or deprivation, just an open mind, a desire for change, curiosity and a sense of fun. 

Suramya Agrawal


Anxiety & Stress, Grief

Suramya has an expertise of working with issues of transitional age, 5+ years of working with adolescents and young adults who never cease to impress her. She has successfully handled both clinical and non-clinical issues; such as anxiety, trauma, adjustment issues, peer relationships, transitional challenges, to name a few. With the experience of working in high paced, extremely demanding clinical settings she has thoroughly polished her skills of initial interview, assessments and several modes of therapy such as Narrative, EFT, SFBT, Mindfulness, Art & Play therapy. She loves the challenges of working in the mental health industry as it only makes her a better professional and better person.