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Our Moderators


Alex Chiodo


The Autism Group

Alex was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism later in life and what a beautiful chaos of a journey it's been! In her day job she's a licensed therapist with a trauma-informed, multicultural, existential and humanistic approach that specializes working with ADHD, Autism, and early childhood trauma of neglect and narcissistic abuse. She thoroughly believes that community support, and our peers within, is how we build deeper connections to ourselves and others. Living with Autism can be a lonely and 'othering' experience, especially in a world not built for neurodivergent brains. Autism has been grossly misunderstood by others, which is why she is invested in this moderator role to create and maintain a safe space for us Autistics/individuals living with Autism to process our experiences and view of the world.  Our unique perspectives and varying [special] interests provide depth into who we are as individuals. If you are living with Autism and would like to connect with your peers in this community, we would love to have you! Come as you are, wherever that may be on your journey. No masking necessary, just respect for the group's community guidelines we will create and uphold together

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Colleen Qvist


Changing Your Thoughts and Mindset Depression

Colleen is a Credentialed Master Coach CMP. She has 30 years' experience of working in and with organizations and focusing on growing people and in turn organizations. She creates a space for people to be vulnerable and and to feel non-judged as they come to terms with change, connection, managing their stress, achieving BIG goals and finding the meaning in their lives


Elena Hatzakos


Depression & Eating Disorders

Elena Hatzakos is a Licensed Clinician and an Advanced Life Coach who founded a practice that merges the two fields meant to improve one's quality of life. Elena, a veteran of the field for over a decade is also a mommy of two boys. She is here to help you build a network of support to keep you grounded and loving all aspects of your life.

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Heather Wilson


The Women's Group for Self-Love and Self-Esteem

Meet Heather! She is a certified Mental Health Peer Specialist.  She is a recovering addict since 2019 and deals with depression and anxiety. She hosts this group with the belief that every single one of us is resilient, and that our resilience can be fostered with the help and support of a community. This group will provide a safe, judgement free space for personal growth, self-reflection, learning and bonding. She is very passionate about helping others and assisting individuals on their own recovery journey. She is trained in Seeking Safety, Motivational Interviewing, IMR, Trauma Informed Care, and much more. Heather works at a behavioral health center during the week and hosts this group on the weekends. Heather is a trustworthy, empathetic person who will dedicate her time to those who need it most. Come join us every Saturday to gain some support on your road to recovery!! 


Lydia Davies



Lydia Davies is 34 years old and lives on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. She remembers having symptoms of OCD since the age of 5, yet was only diagnosed at 24. She has attended the Friday night OCD support group since November 2021, & loves to connect with & support others who are on a similar journey to her. She has struggled extensively with her own somatic OCD, religious OCD/scrupulosity, "just right" OCD, dermatillomania (Compulsive skin picking), & has tasted and can relate to most of the other various subtypes of OCD, including sexually intrusive thoughts. She was able to get specialised OCD treatment in 2021, & has since managed to overcome a lot of her OCD, although it is still something she deals with & attempts to manage daily. She was able to share her Story on The OCD Stories podcast in Jan 2023. She loves drawing, surfing, hiking, & spending time at the local bird sanctuary


Maurice Thibodeau


Find Your Next Step- Life Design and Direction

Maurice Thibodeau is a creator and a connector. As a Certified Master Hypnotherapist trained in Accelerated Emotional Release Therapy and a professional facilitator, Maurice's magic is in his ability to connect with people and pull out their wisdom. In a session with Maurice, you'll know more about yourself and have greater clarity of where to go next. He sees his job as partnering with you to find it what you need most. In group sessions, all participants benefit from the process, each learning and being present for the others.  Maurice is a father of 3, husband of one, a lover of animals and nature, with a passion for business and entrepreneurship. He loves connecting with people and making ideas come alive. He lives on 80 acres North of Winnipeg, MB, where they host festivals and private personal development retreats in the summer. He is the creator of the Life Inventory Assessment - an assessment that helps individuals become clear on their life priorities and direction


Simran Makwana


 Healing and Recovery from Trauma

Simran is a mental health support worker with a background in English Lit and Psychology. She holds a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and has studied community service. With a focus on trauma, particularly dysfunctional family dynamics, she brings a lot of experience to her role as a peer support group moderator. 

Simran believes in the power of psychoeducation to foster awareness and facilitate positive change. She advocates for a client-centered approach, empowering individuals to find their own solutions while creating a safe and supportive environment

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Angini Mohammed


Anxiety and Stress

Angini is a compassionate psychotherapist and social worker, with 15 + years of experience as therapist, counsellor, manager, and trainer. Angini combines her professional knowledge with personal insights based on her own experiences. Angini has been providing strengths based, client centered, trauma informed counselling to clients and groups in a variety of settings. Angini works with issues of trauma, childhood trauma, anger management, and substance use along with anxiety and stress. Angini, as a person of color originally from the Caribbean, is mindful of issues within the context of multiculturalism and diversity as well as stigmatization. Angini is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, and a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers. Angini has a Master of Social Work degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Angini is an avid sailor and is beginning to learn willow weaving, both of which she considers having therapeutic elements


Daphne Ballantine


The Women's Group for Self-Love and Self-Esteem and Grief

Daphne is a compassionate peer support specialist who supports others who wish to implement a wellness-oriented lifestyle. She believes that everyone can achieve wellness, both personally and professionally. Daphne has over 20 years of providing training programs that promote growth,  empowerment, and teamwork. She believes people have the ability to achieve anything when they receive the right support and leadership. 


Daphne’s passion is to promote people’s wellness and boost employee satisfaction. She has co-authored a national warm-line training for people who want to transform their lives. She has a knack for helping others who need a new way to live. Daphne has offered her expertise in co-creating the nation’s first Integrated Forensic Peer Support Curriculum, and she believes in the power of togetherness and collaboration. Daphne is also the author of "365 Days of Peer Support: Sharing Hope Through Experience." 


Guerin Nolen


Managing Bipolar to Live Your Best Life and OCD 

Guerin is 30 years old and currently lives in Heber City, UT. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Georgia Southern University in Child and Family Development and has worked with children for 10+ years, primarily as a behavior technician for individuals with autism. She is currently a graduate student at the University of the Southwest studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She's struggled with ADD, major depressive disorder, anxiety and OCD before finally receiving a bipolar diagnosis in 2021. Surprisingly this diagnosis changed her life for the better. Through both cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy as well as the support of family and friends, she has gained better insight into herself and her relationships. She wants to share this insight with others and instill hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. She is passionate about connecting with others through shared experiences and creating a safe environment where people can explore difficult thoughts and feelings. She believes in the power of empathy and authenticity and will take a teamwork approach to promote healing, confidence, and hope for the future

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Kofi Ansu-Gyeabour



Kofi is a social worker with a diverse range of experience in this field. For 15 years he's worked with individuals, caregivers, children, extended family members and collaborated with various agencies and service providers. Kofi runs the Relationships Group Saturdays at 1pm ET

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Matthew Ratz


Managing Bipolar to Live Your Best Life

Matthew is a mental health peer-support specialist, nonprofit leader, educator, and author living in the suburbs of Washington, DC. As a person with lived experience, Matthew uses his own story as a channel for others to heal through. Professionally, Matthew commits his time and energy to expand opportunities for professionals with mental illness in the DC Metro area and across the US. He’ll be running "Managing Bipolar to Live your Best Life" group Tuesdays at 5:30pm ET, once per month


Melissa Walker



Melissa runs her OCD session Mondays at Noon ET. She believes in meeting clients where they are at in their mental health journey, and working from there. With lived experience of OCD, Melissa is committed to supporting folks to reach their goals and create a life where they are in charge. Melissa is trained in Exposure with Response Prevention for the treatment of OCD by the Centre for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania


Steve Ramona


Thriving in Business and in Life

Steve discovered his calling at a young age and is now on a mission to share his secret sauce for success. He thrives on forging meaningful connections, sharing referrals, and watching people flourish. His contagious passion for the Law of Increase makes his podcast "Doing Business with a Servant's Heart" so successful. This show is chock-full of inspiring stories about overcoming challenges and serving others. Steve has a knack for spreading good vibes and elevating those around him. He learned from his dad that the entrepreneurial spirit is a great way to make money. He shares stories of how people serve, struggle, and win. We must overcome something, so why not learn to serve and overcome it much faster? He learned early on the importance of customer service. He knew the more he served, the more it was a win-win for everyone. He enjoys working with people, referring people, and helping people grow. The Law of Increase is his mission when he networks around the world.  

He loves to mentor businesspeople and offer all the resources he has. To win, you must grow yourself first; then, you can share this with others! And he is an avid reader and resides in San Diego, California


Charlotte Munro


Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Group and Healing and Recovery from Trauma

Charlotte Munro is a former graduate of the Child and Youth Worker program at Fanshawe College and is currently an undergrad in the Indigenous Social Work program at Laurentian University. As a person with lived experience, Charlotte actively participates in patient engagement and has presented at addiction medicine conferences, co-authored opioid-related research and advised on drug policies. She is a SMBC (single mother by choice), an independent program facilitator, supporting individuals with barriers and their families, and a volunteer in various capacities. As a social justice advocate in her community, she promotes peer support, harm reduction, trauma-informed approaches and works to address social inequalities in marginalized populations. She is also an artist, mixed media creator, and avid vinyl collector


Dedric Davidson



Dedric runs the OCD session Fridays at 7pm ET. Dedric is a Clinician at The OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center in Salt Lake City, Utah and does CBT, among much else with those suffering from OCD


Harris Rosen


ADHD Peer Support Group

Harris is the Co-founder of ADHD Toronto and the Organizer of the Toronto Adult ADHD Support Group. Recognising the need for affordable Adult ADHD support, Harris launched ADHD Toronto in 2018 to support the countless individuals who are uninsured, unable to afford the high cost of private treatment or navigating the medical system. He is committed to helping others develop healthy habits without paying thousands


Laura Moll


Living with Chronic Pain, Illness & Disability

 Laura created this session which is close to heart, as she has personal experience with it, “Living with Chronic Illness and Disability”. Laura is a Certified Social Worker and Grief Therapist with extensive knowledge and experience in research and counselling in the fields of aging, disability and rehabilitation. Laura is experienced in psychosocial/psychoeducational assessment, counselling, practicing as a group facilitator and experienced lecturer


Maurice Beauchesne


The Men's Group

Maurice has a strong foundation in the fields of community and justice service, along with addiction and
mental health. He resides in Ottawa and works as an addiction counsellor aiding vulnerable populations.
Maurice understands the importance of a client-centred approach as he has lived experience with
addictions and mental health. As a person who has experienced anxiety and catastrophic thinking, he
understands how essential it is to have some form of support, especially for men. Maurice offers a safe
and non-judgmental environment for men to discuss how they are feeling, their mental health issues
and anything that is on their minds


Monja Brink


The LGBTQ Group

As someone with her own personal journey with addiction and mental health, with a passion for aiding others through a journey of healing, Monja believes without a doubt that everyone deserves to belong and thrive.

With International experience and extensive knowledge in the field, Monja offers support to others with their own struggles with their recovery process.

As a recovery mentor, she can aid individuals to reconnect to their inner self and receive peer support in a safe and non-judgemental space, from others who really understand and accept them for who they are

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Suramya Agrawal


Anxiety & Stress

Suramya has an expertise of working with issues of transitional age, 5+ years of working with adolescents and young adults who never cease to impress her. She has successfully handled both clinical and non-clinical issues; such as anxiety, trauma, adjustment issues, peer relationships, transitional challenges, to name a few. With the experience of working in high paced, extremely demanding clinical settings she has thoroughly polished her skills of initial interview, assessments and several modes of therapy such as Narrative, EFT, SFBT, Mindfulness, Art & Play therapy. She loves the challenges of working in the mental health industry as it only makes her a better professional and better person

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