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Autism Peer Support Group
Welcome to Your Community 

Alex runs this group every Thursdays at 1pm ET

Feeling sidelined by your autism? Interested in connecting with others who would like to expand their opportunities?  This group is for people who face significant challenges in connecting with others and finding optimal activities and environments. 

About the Moderator:


Alex Chiodo 


Alex was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism later in life and what a beautiful chaos of a journey it's been! In her day job she's a licensed therapist with a trauma-informed, multicultural, existential and humanistic approach that specializes working with ADHD, Autism, and early childhood trauma of neglect and narcissistic abuse. She thoroughly believes that community support, and our peers within, is how we build deeper connections to ourselves and others. Living with Autism can be a lonely and 'othering' experience, especially in a world not built for neurodivergent brains. Autism has been grossly misunderstood by others, which is why she is invested in this moderator role to create and maintain a safe space for us Autistics/individuals living with Autism to process our experiences and view of the world.  Our unique perspectives and varying [special] interests provide depth into who we are as individuals. If you are living with Autism and would like to connect with your peers in this community, we would love to have you! Come as you are, wherever that may be on your journey. No masking necessary, just respect for the group's community guidelines we will create and uphold together

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