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About Us

Pay What You Can Peer Support is a non-profit organization born out of a desire to have  

low barrier mental support available to whomever needs it. PWYCPS offers online, peer support groups that span a broad variety of topics, from specific diagnoses to more general issues that people often struggle with. Humans crave connection and that is getting harder to find. Pay What You Can Peer Support connects you with others who can relate, from the comfort of your home.  

Peer Support Groups on Computer

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. To offer this service to as many people around the world as we can. To increase the amount of groups we offer, to find great new moderators who believe in what we're doing, and to continuously work to get the word out to those can benefit from knowing they're not the only one, that they're not alone. 

Board Members

Helping Hands

Daniel Cole 

Founder and Executive Director

Daniel founded Pay What You Can Peer Support in 2020. 

He had experienced the powerful impact of a mental health peer support group

for OCD and felt strongly  that this option should be available to everyone

regardless of whether or not they could afford it. With this model,

participants have the chance to experience the group and then evaluate it

and 'pay what they can'. Daniel lives in Toronto with his dog April and works tirelessly

to grow PWYCPS. More about his story can be found here

Dr. Jeffrey Wieskopf

Jeff is a Psychiatrist at Toronto General Hospital. He is passionate about

mental health and helping others and believes in the mission of

Pay What You Can Peer Support. He is a loving husband and father of three

and in both his personal life and professional life he is a source of reliability

and compassion and strength to all those around him

Kaili Mandel

Kaili graduated with a degree in therapeutic recreation in 2009

and began her career supporting children who wrestled with

mental health disorders. From a young age, she volunteered in the world of

philanthropy participating in her family's foundation, The Bridle Bash Foundation.  

After working on the front lines for a few years, she noticed a severe lack of

funding toward the mental, physical and emotional wellness of children.  

This is when when she decided to transition her career path and utilize her

background in philanthropy to make a larger impact. She knew that without

funding, support and resources would not be possible. Fundraising is the life

force behind every nonprofit organization. When Kaili heard about

Pay What You Can Peer Support, she knew instantly that she wanted to get involved to drive this worthy cause forward

Monja Brink

As someone with her own personal journey with addiction and mental health,

with a passion for aiding others through a journey of healing,

Monja believes without a doubt that everyone deserves

to belong and thrive. With International experience and extensive knowledge

in the field, Monja offers support to others with their own struggles

with their recovery process

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Our Partners

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