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Grief Peer Support Group for Death and Loss 
Join others going through the same thing as you

Daphne runs her group every Thursday at 7pm ET 

Grieving is difficult but you don’t have to do it alone. We can experience grief from a loved one passing, but we also grieve for a lot of other reasons. There are challenges that each of us face when we are dealing with loss. It could be  fading of relationships or the disappearance of a life we once knew. 


In the Grief Support Group for Death & Loss, stories intertwine, as we share the personal emotions that go with our experiences. Through these shared stories, we come to realize the universal nature of sorrow and the common yearning for healing through validation.


The group becomes a space of empathy, where both tears and laughter coexist. Here, the burden of grief is shared among those who truly understand. In listening to others, we learn different techniques to help us heal from our own experiences. We understand that grief transcends whatever divides, connecting us through shared human experiences. We are able to put any pretensions to the side and sit amongst others who recognize our pain.  


As stories are exchanged, we learn that the path to healing is as intricate as the grief we bear.


Participating in this shared healing reminds us that we're not alone in our journey. We invite you to join us weekly and witness the power of vulnerability and recognize that acknowledging our losses allows us to reconstruct ourselves with resilience. The grief support group becomes a space of transformation, where pain is understood, and our stories together paint a picture of strength, hope, and unbreakable connections bonded through our shared loss.

About the Moderator: ​


Daphne Ballantine

Daphne is a compassionate peer support specialist who supports others who wish to implement a wellness-oriented lifestyle. She believes that everyone can achieve wellness, both personally and professionally. Daphne has over 20 years of providing training programs that promote growth,  empowerment, and teamwork. She believes people have the ability to achieve anything when they receive the right support and leadership. Daphne’s passion is to promote people’s wellness and boost employee satisfaction. She has co-authored a national warm-line training for people who want to transform their lives. She has a knack for helping others who need a new way to live. Daphne has offered her expertise in co-creating the nation’s first Integrated Forensic Peer Support Curriculum, and she believes in the power of togetherness and collaboration. Daphne is also the author of "365 Days of Peer Support: Sharing Hope Through Experience.

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