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The Women's Virtual Peer Support Group for Love and Self-Esteem 
Welcome to Your Community 

Daphne runs her group every Wednesday at 8pm ET

Some topics discussed are identity, roles, purpose, feeling good through wellness, self-love, healthy relationships and whatever else may come up from new and returning participants

About the Moderator: ​


Daphne Ballantine

Daphne is a compassionate peer support specialist who supports others who wish to implement a wellness-oriented lifestyle. She believes that everyone can achieve wellness, both personally and professionally. Daphne has over 20 years of providing training programs that promote growth,  empowerment, and teamwork. She believes people have the ability to achieve anything when they receive the right support and leadership. Daphne’s passion is to promote people’s wellness and boost employee satisfaction. She has co-authored a national warm-line training for people who want to transform their lives. She has a knack for helping others who need a new way to live. Daphne has offered her expertise in co-creating the nation’s first Integrated Forensic Peer Support Curriculum, and she believes in the power of togetherness and collaboration. Daphne is also the author of "365 Days of Peer Support: Sharing Hope Through Experience.

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