Healing and Recovery from PTSD & Trauma Virtual Peer Support Group
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Josh runs his group Sundays at 5:30pm ET

Rhea runs her group Wednesdays at 8:45am ET 

This is a group that welcomes a broad range of people. From those who have PTSD from recent events to those who have Trauma from childhood events.

About the Moderators:


Josh Goodman jryangoodman@gmail.com

Josh is a registered psychotherapist (qualifying) who works in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). His areas of expertise include depression, trauma and bereavement/grief. Josh's therapeutic style prioritizes the idiosyncratic and inevitably unique relationships between himself and his clients, and often makes use of his lived experience as a means of crafting an empathic environment for the people he works with. Josh has spent the last two years working with clients at his private practice. He has spent time providing volunteer peer support to grieving individuals at the Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities, and completed a practicum in the community health sector. He lives in downtown Toronto, and has been known to play copious amounts of Elden Ring and Fortnite in his off hours.

Rhea Lester, LPC lestercounselingtx@gmail.com


Rhea is a Licensed Professional Counselor located in Texas, she earned a Master’s degree from the University of North Texas in 2010. Rhea has over fifteen years of experience working with individuals in a therapeutic setting.  Rhea specializes in using Trauma-informed approaches to help individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and/or C-PTSD. Many of Rhea’s clients find that it’s difficult to get through regular daily routines because of their emotional, relational, or physical issues related to past traumas.
Rhea is particularly sensitive to each client’s needs to feel safe and form healthy connections with others, which is why she strives to create a calming, comfortable therapeutic space in all sessions. Rhea is passionate about bringing hope and healing to individuals who struggle with trauma and those with difficult life transitions.  From the first session, Rhea teaches individuals to identify how trauma or stress is affecting their mental wellness. Rhea teaches coping techniques that will help the individual gain a new perspective in order to move towards more resilience and personal empowerment.

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