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Healing and Recovery from PTSD & Trauma Virtual Peer Support Group
Join Others Like You

Charlotte and Simran alternate running this group Tuesdays at 7pm ET or Tuesdays at 10am ET

This is a group that welcomes a broad range of people. From those who have PTSD from recent events to those who have trauma from childhood events.

About the Moderators:


Charlotte Munro


Charlotte Munro is a former graduate of the Child and Youth Worker program at Fanshawe College and is currently an undergrad in the Indigenous Social Work program at Laurentian University. As a person with lived experience, Charlotte actively participates in patient engagement and has presented at addiction medicine conferences, co-authored opioid-related research and advised on drug policies. She is a SMBC (single mother by choice), an independent program facilitator, supporting individuals with barriers and their families, and a volunteer in various capacities. As a social justice advocate in her community, she promotes peer support, harm reduction, trauma-informed approaches and works to address social inequalities in marginalized populations. She is also an artist, mixed media creator, and avid vinyl collector.

Simran Makwana

Simran is a mental health support worker with a background in English Lit and Psychology. She holds a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and has studied community service. With a focus on trauma, particularly dysfunctional family dynamics, she brings a lot of experience to her role as a peer support group moderator. 

Simran believes in the power of psychoeducation to foster awareness and facilitate positive change. She advocates for a client-centered approach, empowering individuals to find their own solutions while creating a safe and supportive environment. 

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