OCD and Intrusive and Obsessive Thoughts Virtual Peer Support Group
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We run this session every Friday at 7pm ET.

Many don't know that they have OCD, they don't know that intrusive thoughts circling like a broken record is often something called Pure OCD. Once you know that you can work on the many tools available to learn to live a normal life and reduce the frequency and potency of these thoughts. This is a group close to the founder's heart as he dealt and still deals with OCD. It was a Peer Support group in his local city that planted the seed of this very site


About the Moderator: 

Dedric Davidson davidsondedric@gmail.com

Dedric runs the OCD session Fridays at 6pm ET. Dedric is a Clinician at The OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center in Salt Lake City, Utah and does CBT, among much else with those suffering from OCD.