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OCD and Intrusive and Obsessive Thoughts Virtual Peer Support Group
Welcome to Your Community 

We run three sessions, every Monday at Noon ET, every Friday at 7pm ET and every Sunday at Noon ET.

Many don't know that they have OCD, they don't know that intrusive thoughts circling like a broken record is often something called Pure OCD. But once you know you can then begin work on the many tools available to learn to live a normal life and reduce the frequency and potency of these thoughts. These are groups where you can learn strategies working for others living with OCD, and most importantly, come to realize that you're not alone. 

About the Moderators: 

Dedric Davidson

Dedric runs his OCD session Sundays at Noon ET. Dedric is a Clinician at The OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center in Salt Lake City, Utah and does CBT, among much else with those suffering from OCD. 

Lydia Davies

Lydia Davies is 34 years old and lives on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

She remembers having symptoms of OCD since the age of 5, yet was only diagnosed at 24. She has attended the Friday night OCD support group since November 2021, & loves to connect with & support others who are on a similar journey to her. She has struggled extensively with her own somatic OCD, religious OCD/scrupulosity, "just right" OCD, dermatillomania (Compulsive skin picking), & has tasted and can relate to most of the other various subtypes of OCD, including sexually intrusive thoughts. She was able to get specialised OCD treatment in 2021, & has since managed to overcome a lot of her OCD, although it is still something she deals with & attempts to manage daily. She was able to share her Story on The OCD Stories podcast in Jan 2023. She loves drawing, surfing, hiking, & spending time at the local bird sanctuary.


Melissa Walker

Melissa runs her OCD session Mondays at Noon ET. She believes in meeting clients where they are at in their mental health journey, and working from there. With lived experience of OCD, Melissa is committed to supporting folks to reach their goals and create a life where they are in charge. Melissa is trained in Exposure with Response Prevention for the treatment of OCD by the Centre for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

Samantha Burton

Samantha is a freelance writer and mental health advocate with five plus years experience as a facilitator at the COPE Pickering depression and anxiety group. She has a Bachelor's degree in Humanities from the University of Toronto, having majored in English Literature and Mental Health Studies. Samantha has her own lifelong experience with OCD, GAD, grief and associated trauma. She has found solace in the craft of writing throughout her lifetime and sharing her experiences of suffering with various mental health issues and triumph through facing them. She believes that community and connection will help those suffering with mental health health disorders flourish and find that they all have a special story to tell.

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