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Dealing with Depression,  Boredom and Loneliness Virtual Peer Support Group
Welcome to Your Community 

This group is run Mondays at 7:15pm ET with Elena and Wednesdays at 10am ET with Colleen and Sundays at 3pm ET with Spencer

We've kept it broad so people of all stripes can join in and share their experiences from mild feelings of loneliness to lifelong struggles with depression and find suggestions and tools to overcome and thrive with their peers

About the Moderators:

Colleen Qvist

Colleen is a Credentialed Master Coach CMP. She has 30 years' experience of working in and with organizations and focusing on growing people and in turn organizations. She creates a space for people to be vulnerable and and to feel non-judged as they come to terms with change, connection, managing their stress, achieving BIG goals and finding the meaning in their lives. 

Elena Hatzakos

Elena Hatzakos is a Licensed Clinician and an Advanced Life Coach who founded a practice that merges the two fields meant to improve one's quality of life. Elena, a veteran of the field for over a decade is also a mommy of two boys. She is here to help you build a network of support to keep you grounded and loving all aspects of your life. 


Spencer Moore 


Spencer is a long-time spiritual seeker and current Mental Health Substance Use Clinician in Kelowna, British Columbia. Initially planning to build a career in education Spencer worked in the United Kingdom, remote indigenous communities and in Canada providing different forms of educational programming. In his early 20s he began to suffer from addiction/mental health challenges which seemed untreatable. Through a holistic wellness approach Spencer was able to achieve his wellness goals and transcend his previous level of functioning. Having gone through severe addiction/mental health challenges first hand and its subsequent recovery he transitioned into providing MHSU treatment in 2020 to help others move through a similar journey. Outside of this he is passionate about locally grown, home-cooked food, poetry/art, community and terrible "Dad jokes". Where do babies go after a peak-a-boo accident? The I.C.U...

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