Dealing with Depression,  Boredom and Loneliness Virtual Peer Support Group
Join Others Like You

This group is run twice a week:


Wednesdays at 10am ET with Colleen


Fridays at 12:30pm ET with Stefanie


We've kept it broad so people of all stripes can join in and share their experiences from mild feelings of loneliness to lifelong struggles with depression and find suggestions and tools to overcome and thrive

About the Moderators:

Colleen Qvist

Colleen is a Credentialed Master Coach CMP. She has 30 years' experience of working in and with organizations and focusing on growing people and in turn organizations. She creates a space for people to be vulnerable and and to feel non-judged as they come to terms with change, connection, managing their stress, achieving BIG goals and finding the meaning in their lives. 

Stefanie Harder

Stefanie has been a peer support worker with the Schizophrenia Society for the past two years. She has spent more than twenty years in mental health environments including Canadian Mental Health Association and Potential Place in a variety of roles helping people cope with various issues such as depression, loneliness, relationships etc. She is dedicated to helping people get back on their feet and moving forward on their path to mental and emotional wellness. She presents as gentle and nonjudgmental and always brings a warm welcome.