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The Writing Group
Welcome to Your Community 

Shira runs this group every Saturday at 10am ET. 

Come and write together! Healing happens when we express ourselves and writing allows individuals to open us up, learn about themselves, and put the broken pieces together again.  We will use prompts to start writing, with short blocks of time, then you can share or not with the group. No feedback will be given, it is just a place to write, express, share, and let go. 

About the Moderator: ​


Shira Charpentier

Shira struggled with an eating disorder from early childhood until she turned 30. She was in and out of treatment centers for many years until she took it upon herself to forge her own path towards recovery. That is when Shira realized the potential within each of us to not only recover but thrive despite how long and challenging the struggle was. Shira used writing as her main tool to work through the traumas, past hurts, and places she felt stuck; and with the assistance of role models that emulated traits she wanted to personally have; she found her way to freedom. Shira has been a Registered Nurse for 15 years, has helped others on their journey to recovery, and was certified as a peer support specialist. 

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