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Narcissistic Abuse Virtual Peer Support Group
Welcome to Your Community 

Charlotte runs this group once every other Tuesday at 10am ET. 

This peer support group is designed to share stories, tips, tools & strategies on healing after narcissistic abuse. Come and share your story or just drop-in and listen.

Topics that may be covered:

- Recognizing narcissistic behaviours

- Breaking trauma bonds

- Exit strategies and safety plans

- Processing emotions and learning not to react

- Finding freedom and releasing control

- PTSD, CPTSD, Intrusive thoughts and trauma from abuse

- Overcoming financial abuse and re-building wealth

- Navigating divorce and post-separation abuse

- Finding resources and working with professionals

- Co-parenting, parallel parenting and communication techniques

- Self-care, self-esteem and confidence after abuse

- Finding happiness and inner peace

About the Moderator:

Charlotte Munro


Charlotte Munro is a former graduate of the Child and Youth Worker program at Fanshawe College and is currently an undergrad in the Indigenous Social Work program at Laurentian University. As a person with lived experience, Charlotte actively participates in patient engagement and has presented at addiction medicine conferences, co-authored opioid-related research and advised on drug policies. She is a SMBC (single mother by choice), an independent program facilitator, supporting individuals with barriers and their families, and a volunteer in various capacities. As a social justice advocate in her community, she promotes peer support, harm reduction, trauma-informed approaches and works to address social inequalities in marginalized populations. She is also an artist, mixed media creator, and avid vinyl collector.

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