Narcissistic Abuse Virtual Peer Support Group
Welcome to Your Community 

Sophie runs this group every Thursday at 10 am ET.


Weekly peer support groups designed to share stories, tips, tools & strategies on healing after narcissistic abuse. Come and share your story or just drop-in and listen.

Topics that may be covered:

- Recognizing narcissistic behaviours

- Breaking trauma bonds

- Exit strategies and safety plans

- Processing emotions and learning not to react

- Finding freedom and releasing control

- PTSD, CPTSD, Intrusive thoughts and trauma from abuse

- Overcoming financial abuse and re-building wealth

- Navigating divorce and post-separation abuse

- Finding resources and working with professionals

- Co-parenting, parallel parenting and communication techniques

- Self-care, self-esteem and confidence after abuse

- Finding happiness and inner peace

About the Moderator:

Sophie Bifield

Sophie holds a degree in psychology from Queen’s university, is a registered holistic nutritionist and certified health & life coach.Throughout her own personal high-conflict divorce, Sophie was introduced to a silent community of people struggling emotionally & financially to get back on their feet. Those people inspired her to develop programs to help navigate through their own life challenges.Sophie’s heart-centred approach offers tools & strategies designed to help rebuild health, wealth & happiness

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