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Eating Disorders for Men- Virtual Peer Support Group
Welcome to Your Community 

We run this group every Tuesday at 8pm ET with Mike

No stigma here. Men grappling with body image, anorexia, BED, bulimia, ARFID, and other forms of disordered eating face unique challenges in recovery, often encountering shame both internal and external. This group pledges to provide a safe, empathetic space for all who identify male to connect, find kinship, share experiences free of judgement, and foster positive momentum in our individual journeys. There's more of us than you realize. Out of mutual respect, we refrain from discussing specific numbers.

About the Moderator: ​

Mike Cornell

Mike's a believer that harmony lies in imperfection and impermanence - he's equally a believer that Daffy Duck is better than Bugs Bunny and Metallica's St. Anger is actually decent. A geeky, straight edge, introverted, rough-around-the-edges creative who found purpose in peer-support, Mike strives to utilize his lived experiences with suicide, depression, anorexia, and late-diagnosed autism to arm others with the tools he so desperately lacked; acting as a walking marquee to the importance of shared stories and that the capacity for betterment exists within the individual. In particular, he's a devotee to the potential art and media hold in mental recovery and connecting to the existential parts within yourself. He invites everyone, no matter how much of an outsider they may view themselves, no matter how lost or "different" they may feel, to join for a chat in the safety of being authentically themselves

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