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How PWYCPS Works & FAQ's

How Pay What You Can Peer Support Works

When it comes to accessibility, affordability, creating a sense of community, and knowing that you are not alone, nothing compares to Peer Support.

We run over 25 different groups where others just like you are waiting for you to join them in what we hope feels like a kind of virtual campfire. 

Choose the topic below that meets your needs and sign up - it's that easy. Limited spaces available so be sure to book your spot now.

Book a Session

Login With a Zoom Link
Pay What You Can

Simply click the group you'd like to join and click the “Book Now” button or on the group's landing page. Answer a few brief questions, and you’ll be ready to go!

You’ll receive a Zoom link in your email, reminding you of the date and time of your online appointment. You don’t even have to use the camera if you don’t want to! 

When your appointment is complete, you'll be emailed a form to review your session and your moderator and pay. Although it is Pay What You Can , the average person pays $10 USD. 

FAQs About Our Peer Support Groups

Q: Is this for real? Are there any hidden costs? 


A: No! There are ZERO hidden costs to participate in our peer support groups. Simply sign up for FREE and at the end of your session, you will be prompted with a “payment option". Pay whatever you can so we can keep this incredible service going and continue helping others.


The quality of peer support you receive is NOT based on how much you give after your sessions are over. You are more than welcome to participate as much as you like and pay whatever you can. We’ll be here for you no matter what you can pay!


Q: Who are the moderators? Do they have actual mental health professional credentials?


A: Absolutely. Our team of moderators includes mental health professionals from a variety of backgrounds. You can read more about our moderators here.

Q: Do I have to use my camera during the peer support groups?


A: NOPE. That’s 100%  optional!


Q: What if there isn’t a good time available for the peer support group I’m interested in?


A: Although we try to ensure there are convenient times for everyone, the peer support group you’d like to participate in might not work with your schedule. If that’s the case, just email and we’ll see what we can do for you!


Q: This seems too good to be true. Why would you start this nonprofit?

A: We understand your skepticism, we do! But it’s true! To find out how and why Pay What You Can Peer Support began, take a look at its origin story here.


For more information on our virtual support groups email us at

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