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Relationships, Love, Heartbreak, Couples or Marriage Trouble, or Disappointment with Family and Friends Virtual Peer Support Group
Join Others Like You, Limited Spots Available  


We run this group Saturdays at 1pm ET with Kofi and Wednesdays at 6:45pm ET with Bernisha

This is a group that is intentionally broad as we want to have groups talking about a wide range of topics and to help one another solve problems with their relationships in their lives, to take a step back and realize many are going through similar feelings and emotions

About the Moderators: ​

Kofi Ansu-Gyeabour

Kofi is a social worker with a diverse range of experience in this field. For 15 years he's worked with individuals, caregivers, children, extended family members and collaborated with various agencies and service providers. 

Bernisha Thomas


Bernisha is a writer and mental health peer-support specialist from Ontario, Canada, and studying Psychological first aid through Johns Hopkins University. With 7 years of experience in peer support group moderation in relationships and trauma spaces, Bernisha channels her plethora of lived experiences to help others begin the journey to connect with and heal themselves. She’ll be running the Healing and Recovery From Trauma Group Tuesdays at 7:15pm ET and The Relationships Group Wednesdays at 6:45pm ET

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