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Find Your Next Step- Life Design and Direction 

Join Life Design Coach & Master Hypnotherapist Maurice Thibodeau in this interactive solutions-based session. Coaching doesn't always have to be heavy - tears and laughter, smiles and pain, can live together. In this session, you are invited to bring a life challenge (ANY problem, decision, or question you are facing), and you will be guided towards your next step in moving through it. We follow an ABC framework, where you will become intimately AWARE of the challenge, you will have a safe space to BE with it, and we will CONSPIRE with the universe to move you through it. Each of these steps has magic, and the promise is that you will come away with your next step. This solutions circle will provide you with emotional support and insight. There will be humor and humanity in this circle. Come once, try it, and you'll not want to miss another. 

Watch this introduction video that tells you what to expect.

About the Moderator:

Maurice Thibodeau

Maurice Thibodeau is a creator and a connector. As a Certified Master Hypnotherapist trained in Accelerated Emotional Release Therapy and a professional facilitator, Maurice's magic is in his ability to connect with people and pull out their wisdom. In a session with Maurice, you'll know more about yourself and have greater clarity of where to go next. He sees his job as partnering with you to find it what you need most. In group sessions, all participants benefit from the process, each learning and being present for the others.  


"We all have great wisdom; the problem is we often don't recognize it. I love helping people find their wisdom and their truth."  Maurice Thibodeau


Here are some testimonials from people that have worked with Maurice: 


"Maurice Thibodeau is one of the kindest, caring, integrous people I have ever met. His compassion and empathy and genuine love for people make him an incredible coach. He meets people where they are but will stop at nothing to get you where you want to be in life and business." Maria McNeill, Entrepreneur 

"Maurice exhibits a true compassion for others that comes from his genuine spirit. There is nothing put on or fake with him; he is a man of authenticity." Rob Harder, Financial Advisor

"I admire Maurice's attention to and love for people. Maurice has a gift for pulling people into themselves for deep learning, he sees you, and it's good to be seen! Keith Macpherson, Coach

"Maurice has provided me with a unique space to easily identify my limiting beliefs and to push them to be my best self. His coaching approach is creative and intuitive yet focused on achieving set goals." Chantale Ranger, CHRP

"Maurice Is a world-class coach and mastermind facilitator. He has deep empathy and love for people combined with an audacious vision of future possibilities." Steve Farber, Author


Maurice is a father of 3, husband of one, a lover of animals and nature, with a passion for business and entrepreneurship. He loves connecting with people and making ideas come alive. He lives on 80 acres North of Winnipeg, MB, where they host festivals and private personal development retreats in the summer. He is the creator of the Life Inventory Assessment - an assessment that helps individuals become clear on their life priorities and direction. 

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