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5 Ways First Responders Bring Value to the World

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

It’s been another long and exhausting day. You feel physically and emotionally drained to your core. Not to mention, you saw some horrific things no one should have to see. And you do it because you love to help people. But sometimes you wonder if the work you do is even valued. You make extreme sacrifices to save people’s lives. Yet, some people don’t get it. They say things like, “Well, you signed up for this.” Hearing those words is difficult because you’re human too. Do people know what it’s like in your shoes? As a first responder, you want to know that what you do matters.

You Matter and So Does Your Mental Health

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Each session lasts one hour with a moderator. And by all means, book as many sessions as you like. As mentioned, it’s one hundred percent free. If you enjoy your session, we only ask you to consider tipping your moderator.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of any mental illness, you’re not alone. And at Pay What You Can Peer Support, we encourage you to share your story. We understand you. We accept you. We hear you.

Now, let’s dive into five amazing ways you bring value to the world. You didn’t just sign up to do your job. You decided to help make the world a better place.

1. First Responders Put Others Before Themselves

First responders are people who respond to emergencies in the heat of a moment. Police officers, nurses, doctors, firefighters, military, and EMTs are all first responder jobs. Each of these people bears witness to urgent matters and must provide help quickly.

It takes an extraordinary person to choose a job in the field of emergencies. As a first responder, you’re aware of challenging scenarios you might encounter every day. But you wake up each morning ready to face whatever obstacles show up.

You do whatever it takes to help as many people as possible. And there is no self-centered bone in your body. You care more about keeping people safe from harm.

2. First Responders Adapt to Situations Quickly

Immediate action has to happen in the event of an emergency. And the training of first responders has equipped them to act fast in urgent situations. But sometimes, life throws us curve balls where we can’t control the outcome.

First responders are always prepared and willing to help when called to do a job. As soon as they receive the call, they’re out the door. They take their job and the lives of citizens seriously.

Often, first responders have to give up time with family to answer emergency calls. No matter what’s going on, they drop everything to help. First responders always remain flexible.

3. First Responders Know How to Stay Calm

Chaotic situations can cause anyone to go crazy. But not first responders, because staying calm is part of their extensive training. And remaining peaceful keeps the people around them at ease.

It’s essential to keep a sense of peace while administering care. First responders deal with many delicate circumstances. So, remaining calm helps to bring proper care more effectively.

You’re a true warrior in the face of danger. And people learn from your example. Staying calm in dangerous conditions is a true gift. 

4. First Responders Do Enough Every Time

Life is something to cherish. And we can’t control the outcome of every single situation. But each time a first responder saves a life, a person receives a second chance.

Perhaps you saved someone who needed to turn a life of destruction around. As a first responder, it’s no coincidence when you receive a call to go to a specific location. You’re put in the right place at the right time because someone needed you. 

There’s a purpose for every call you receive. And it’s easy to focus on what went wrong. But no matter what the outcome is, you always do enough to help.

5. First Responders Build Unity With People

While some people run away from a disaster, first responders run toward it to help. They have the superpower of bringing comfort and compassion to others. And they understand one of the essential ingredients to life: human connection.

You hold people’s hands when their family isn’t there. You give people the power to go on when they feel like they can’t. And you help people remember the goodness in humanity.

We all benefit by following the example of first responders. Caring about each other and uniting is one of the most important things we can do. Especially right now with the current state of the world.

 Thank You First Responders

When it comes to appreciation, first responders deserve it wholeheartedly. Without them, who would we look to when an emergency happens? It takes a lot of heart and fearlessness to choose a job as a first responder.

Thank you for keeping communities and people safe every single day. The work you do doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. It might feel like it sometimes, but focusing on the good helps immensely.   

You’re Not Only a First Responder

This article shines a light on many ways you bring value to the world. But your value isn’t limited to only those things. You have many outstanding qualities and traits to offer.

What are some creative activities you enjoy doing outside of work? Who are you within your family? Remember to find joy in all the things that make you happy. And sometimes the smallest things bring the greatest joy. 

Yes, you’re a first responder. But at the end of the day, that’s only a label. When you look deep within yourself, you find the true essence of who you are. 

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