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Overeaters - Virtual Peer Support Group
Join Others Like You

Ena runs this group everyday other Tuesday at 7pm ET.


A place where you can connect with others like you. Those who are struggling with overeating. Know that you are not alone, join your community today. 

About the Moderator:

Ena Cord

Ena has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1988 and maintains a
private practice in Etobicoke. From the onset Ena has been working
with adult children from abusive households who are having difficulty
letting go of dysfunctional and self-destructive behaviours. Much of
her focus has been on emotional eating and she challenges her clients
to examine their behavioural and psychological issues that may
encourage them to make inappropriate choices. Her ‘Common Sense
Approaches to Eating’ encourages her clients to examine the aspects of
their lives that contribute to unhealthy eating and provides an impetus
for change.

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