Mood Disorders- Virtual Peer Support Group
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Jentien runs this group every Thursday at 1pm ET. For those with major depression, bipolar, seasonal affective, cyclothymic disorders and dysphoria, psychosis, schizophrenia among many others

About the Moderator: ​
Jentien ten Heuvel


Jentien (Jenny) lives in the Netherlands with her partner and foster daughter. She will turn 60 in January 2022 and that is a fact that gives her lots of thinking material. In the last few years her mood disorder has minimized to liveable proportions and has led to a stable and fruitful life over the last few years. All her years of studying and working despite her unusual state of mind for most of the time, has given her great life experience which she has  used in her role as a professional peer support worker.  She would love to share this with all those who look for a good conversation about living with a mood disorder / spiritual experience.

She will running the Mood Disorders group every Thursday at 1pm ET.