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Guidance for Artists
Welcome to Your Community 

Ryan runs this group Tuesdays at 11:30am ET


This group is for those who are actors, singers, writers, artists, or anyone who enjoys to use their creative minds and is feeling the anxiety and disappointments of their craft. Those who want to communicate about how their passion may be the thing that is giving them the most heartache. Join Ryan Doherty a working Actor for over 8 years and other creative peers, and discuss this business you each have decided to thrust yourselves upon and upon yourselves. The group meets every Friday at 4:30pm ET/1:30pm PT.  

About the Moderator:

Ryan Doherty

As someone who has been battling mental illness since childhood and having several family members with varying degrees of mental health conditions, Ryan has been surrounded by the mental health world all his life. He decided to become an actor to convey his creative mind and express the emotions he was struggling with. Ryan has a DEC in Professional Theatre from Dawson College in Montreal and has been a working actor for over 8 years. Drawing on his experiences, he decided to get a certificate in Peer Counseling, and continues his studies to help those with improving their mental well-being.

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