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We keep your information confidential and private and your identity anonymous. When you sign up for a session all we ask is for your email address to receive the conferencing link. We also ask for your experience with therapy and two emergency contacts just in case we need to contact them. We will never sell or rent your information or use it for anything other than helping you have the best group therapy experience. When joining the group session, you can elect to just listen in, keeping your video off. We ask each attendee to keep others' identity and participation a secret as well. If you know someone attending we ask you don't mention it to others or to them during or after the session.


We value your privacy and confidentiality but if you are a threat to yourself or to others or have admitted you have or plan on hurting someone else we have the right and obligation to report it to the authorities to keep you and others safe. 


We choose our licensed moderators with you and this question in mind. Who will allow you and the others in the session to speak and share in a safe way and guide the conversation so you leave feeling better? We ask you to rate your session and your moderator so we can ensure the best, most empathetic and professional are running the sessions.

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