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Adulting: For Those Who Are New to Adulthood 
Welcome to Your Community 

Naama runs this group once per month Mondays at 10:30am ET 

If you're feeling unsure about this whole life thing and your place in it, you're not alone.  Join us as we navigate this new stage of life and discover answers to questions we didn't know we had. 

About the Moderator:

Naama Babos

Naama is an advocate for community and healing through words and connections. As an OCT registered teacher with a degree in Professional Writing and certification in Moral and Political Philosophy, she brings a strong sense of social justice to her work. Having worked in education across various cultures, she believes in the power of cross-cultural exchange and the value of learning from one another. Naama's own journey of self-discovery through extensive travel has inspired her to assist others on their paths. She is passionate about sharing her experiences and applying her knowledge to contribute to the growth and healing of others. Naama's curiosity drives her to explore different perspectives and ways of being. She finds joy in connecting with others and empowering them to embark on their own transformative journeys of self-discovery. With a deep belief in the power of community and personal connections, Naama is dedicated to fostering growth and healing through her work and lived experiences. 

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