The Guy's (Men's) Virtual Peer Support Group
Join Others Like You

Willie runs his group every other Friday morning at 8am ET and Christina runs her group every Tuesday at 1:30pm ET 

This is a safe, confidential and non-judgemental place where men of all ages can talk freely about anything that might be troubling them or annoying them or stressing them out. Anything's  up for discussion- as long as everyone's comfortable with it. It could be confidence, personal or business relationships, direction in life, social anxiety, work problems... or whatever. And you don't have to talk at all if you don't want to. Just listening to what the other guys are saying could highlight something that would help you personally.


If this sounds good to you, book now at the link below

About the Moderators: ​


Willie Nicol

Willie gained a Law Degree from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, before having a career as a Police Officer for thirty one years, followed by nearly seven years in corporate security management. Drawing on that experience and the skills he had acquired, three years ago he set up his own business as a personal development and change coach. He is a certificated Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).​

Christina Rowland

Christina is an Executive Coach and Consultant who specializes in helping men who are outwardly successful but inwardly unfulfilled. Additionally, she helps male-dominated teams reinvent their workplace cultures. Christina has seen what happens when men are able to take off their armor - and the results are truly remarkable. Taking off one’s armor leads to better and more authentic relationships, the release of burdensome and even depressive thoughts and feelings, greater business and career success, and a deep sense of personal fulfillment. These changes not only impact the men who are making them, but they also impact the people in their lives and society as a whole.

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