Senior Citizens

The pandemic has impacted us all no matter how old you are. But for our Senior Citizens it prevented them from seeing their new grandchildren, or from traveling or just from having their children visit them. The lockdowns and the fear of Covid has deeply impacted our Senior Citizens more than we can fathom right now.

Get the Support You Need


We are privileged and honoured to be able to offer free peer support groups for Senior Citizens. You’ll feel support from your fellow peers and your assigned mental health moderator.  

Thanks to a generous grant from the Ottawa Community Foundation and our sponsor, The Heartwood House, we're able to provide these peer support groups in Ottawa, and the surrounding areas. We hope you find them valuable and can share and vent your experiences the last year, and more.


Saturday July 24th 2021 at 1pm ET

Saturday August 14th at 2021 1pm ET

Saturday September 4th 2021 2021 at 1pm ET

Moderator: Kofi Ansu-Gyeabour

Kofi is a social worker with a diverse range of experience in this field.

For 15 years he's worked with individuals, caregivers, children,

extended family members and collaborated

with various agencies and service providers.

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FAQs About Our Free Peer Support Groups

Q: Are your peer support groups really free?


A: Yup! There are ZERO hidden costs to participating in our peer support groups. With that said, at the end of your session, you may be prompted with a “payment option”. But that is simply a suggestion, not a requirement! 


The quality of peer support you receive is NOT based on whether or not you give to our organization after your sessions are over. You are more than welcome to participate for FREE as much as you like, we’ll be here for you!


Q: Who are the moderators? Do they have actual mental health professional credentials?


A: Absolutely. Our team of moderators includes mental health professionals from a variety of backgrounds. You can read more about our moderators here.


Q: Do I have to use my camera during the peer support groups?


A: NOPE. That’s 100%  optional!


Q: What if there isn’t a good time available for the peer support group I’m interested in?


A: Although we try to ensure there are convenient times for everyone, the peer support group you’d like to participate in might not work with your schedule. If that’s the case, just email and we’ll see what we can do for you!


Q: This seems too good to be true. Why would you give away free mental health services?

A: We understand your skepticism, we do! But it’s true! To find out how and why Pay What You Can Peer Support began, take a look at its origin story here.