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Free Download Tutorial Autodesk 3ds Max Bahasa Indonesia (2022)




Free Download Tutorial Autodesk 3ds Max Bahasa Indonesia!!EXCLUSIVE!! free download tutorial autodesk 3ds max bahasa indonesia. English Indonesia or indonesia (the language in Indonesia was originally sino-tibetan language) is a country in Southeast Asia. According to the 2017 estimate, Indonesia's population is about 263.91 million, which is the 4th largest population in the world, after China, India and United States. The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta. The most spoken language is Indonesian language, which is a part of the Austronesian language family. On the other hand, there are some people who think that 3ds max is a good powerful animation tool, but actually, it's not the case. In this article we'll teach you how to draw the car models and make the car modeling with 3ds max 2018. Let's start! Step 1: Import the Cars First we need to make a car that we can draw, of course. We will use the car that was provided by Alexander Crook, it's a "Accord" and a "Ford Fiesta", and we will make the modeling from scratch. As you can see the image, we use the default car in the Open File option, and we can find the car file at the download link. This car doesn't have any armature. So we will select the three parts (the lower part, the middle part and the upper part), and we will make a pose, as you can see the images above. After that, we will change the Mesh's material to the default car material, and we will also set the background color to black. After that, we will make a camera with our car, and we will also render the car in the 3ds max environment (Thanks to Alexander Crook!). After we finished making the car modeling, we will need to export the car file to the Open File option, and we will name the file as "accord", and the location will be the default location of the 3ds max 2018. Step 2: Create a Duplicate Object Now we will duplicate the car, we will use the "Control" option. After we duplicated the car, we will make a pose, and we will make a mirroring effect, as you can see the image above





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Free Download Tutorial Autodesk 3ds Max Bahasa Indonesia (2022)

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