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Physically Disabled, Chronic Pain, & Illness

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The pandemic has shone a light on the increased barriers experienced by people living with physical disabilities. This peer support group is for people who are living with a physical disability, chronic pain or illness who want to share their experiences, both during the pandemic and with life in general.

Image by Nik Shuliahin
Hugging a Pillow

Free Interactive Webinar and Workshop including a Peer Support Session

Get the Support You Need

We're offering a bonus peer support group for those who have a physical disability, chronic pain or illness. You’ll feel support from your fellow peers and your assigned mental health moderator. Thanks to a generous grant from the Ottawa Community Foundation and our sponsor, The Heartwood House, we're able to provide this peer support group for those in Ottawa, and the surrounding areas. We hope you find them valuable and make you not feel so alone, if only for an hour.


Thursday April 7th 2022 at 7pm ET

Moderator: Laura Moll

Laura is a Certified Social Worker and Grief Therapist

with extensive knowledge and experience in research and counselling

in the fields of aging, disability and rehabilitation.

Laura is experienced in psychosocial/psychoeducational assessment,

counselling, practicing as a group facilitator and experienced lecturer.

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