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Midlife Mindshifts for Women
Welcome to Your Community 

Midlife for women is one of the largest transitions in life. It can be a time of many losses, fears and doubts, with feelings of redundancy, loneliness, lack of confidence and little joy. It is during this time that women can feel restless and resentful, as they know there is MORE to life, but not sure what that is, or, how to go about seeking the necessary CHANGE. The aim of this group is to re-evaluate life, re-charge energy and re-purpose lives to create vibrant health, prosperity, loving relationships, self love, inner confidence, creativity, connection and how to find a fulfilling purpose that serves others. This group is run every other Saturday at 10am ET.

About the Moderator:

Sarah Bifield

Sarah is a Transformational Master Coach and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, she also holds a diploma with honours in Adult Psychology. She studied nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and was trained as a Health & Life Coach, to mastery level, at the Health Coach Institute (recognized by the International Coaching Federation).


Sarah’s expertise is working with people that are in a life transition and are wanting to create change in behaviours and beliefs that distinguishes an individuals identity with self, others and the world around them. With a holistic approach, she creates change with introspection and by creating mind shifts that ripple out to all areas of life (health, wealth, relationships, career, confidence and spirituality). 


No need for willpower or deprivation, just an open mind, a desire for change, curiosity and a sense of fun. 

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