Dog Owners Virtual Peer Support Group
Welcome to Your Community 

This group runs every 4th Sunday at 10am ET. 


SJ runs this group one Sunday a month. Think of it as Dog Church! SJ helps those looking for advice and guidance with their furry best friends; from anything from walking and leash behaviour tips and techniques to recommended food choices, and everything else that those are curious about or struggling with. 


Not only do you have access to their wisdom, but you'll also be able to meet with others working through the same things as you, which is always a welcoming feeling no matter what group.

About the Moderator:

SJ Russell

SJ Russell (they/them) is a former dog trainer, founder of RVA free pet pantry, and the owner of a successful pet care business in Richmond, Virginia. SJ believes the human-animal connection is therapeutic and should be supported & developed, like any relationship in our lives. While their experience is with positive reinforcement training, SJ supports all non-oppressive training methods.