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Connected Couples – Building Healthy Relationships

Empowering couples with insights, tools and practical strategies to navigate the natural course of evolution every couple and relationship goes through, and build a healthy relationship to last a lifetime. We will have discussions around the common elements that causes couples to disconnect, how to identify your key relationship focus areas, and much more.  Research shows that if your relationship is a mixture of constant criticism; you get defensive or angry on a regular basis, or one of you stonewalls, goes silent, or often withdraws/shuts down....then you are definitely in the high risk category of those couples that have a 95% chance of breaking up within the next five years.


About the Moderator:

Paula Quinsee

Paula is the Founder of Engaged Humans, facilitating connection between couples, men and women. She is a certified Imago Relationship Therapy Educator and Facilitator, NLP Practitioner, PDA Analyst, Coach and Trainer. Paula is also the author of 2 self-help guides: Embracing Conflict and Embracing No, regularly appears in the media and is an international speaker, advocate for mental health and activist for gender-based violence.

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